Thursday, November 12, 2009

Troy Gua: Pre-upload Portrait of (Your Name Here)

Pre-upload Portrait of (Your Name Here). 24"x24". acrylic on panel

- Representation at Seattle Art Museum gallery
- 'Do You See Me?' July 2009, Vermillion gallery
- Featured in "Curator's Eye," City Arts Magazine, Seattle, January 2009

Popular American culture is shaping Gua's life and continues to be a vital component of his creative process. Now ingrained in our collective psyche, social networking websites have changed the way we socialize. The piece "Pre-upload Portrait of (Your Name Here)" is Gua's take on the default Facebook avatar: a generic impression of a photo portrait. He employs an impressionist's impasto stippling technique to create an impression of an impression. The visible brushstrokes and obvious handmade quality is in smirking juxtaposition to its digital subject matter, and the once revolutionary painting style stands hand in hand with today's revolutionary social phenomenon.

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