Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eva Sköld Westerlind: Wenatchee River #41

Wenatchee River #41. Archival pigment print. 16"x21"

- Upcoming exhibit at G. Gibson Gallery, opening on November 27th
- City of Seattle is purchasing one of her latest photographs for their permanent collection.
- Artist Trust GAP Award recipient, 2007.

Like an impressionist painter, Westerlind seeks to express a perception of nature in her art rather than create mirror images of the world. In her Anableps photographs, she emphasizes the play of natural light and its reflection and distortions in the water. In Wenatchee River #41, a moment is captured of the afternoon light illuminating a submerged autumn leaf in a quiet bend of the river, giving it majestic importance. Westerlind photographs with the camera partially submerged in the water, capturing the perspective of the so-called four eyed fish Anableps, which can see above and below the surface simultaneously.

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