Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mary Mac: Robin in Autumn

Robin in Autumn. 24"x36". monotype

- Received BFA Printmaking, Valdosta State University
- A Day off for Art, June 2009 - Create and taught a printmaking class for parents of autistic and special needs of children. 
- Studio Printmaker at Kirkland Arts Center since 2003.
Mac's monoprints prior to this studio challenge were narrative in nature and about young ladies and what they were up to. Mac was interested in their clothes and shoes as well as posture, so as to tell their stories. Wanting impressionistic ideas to manifest in her work, she paid attention to the relationship between grass and sky; to the environment the young ladies inhabited. Mac has developed a technique to create prints with thick layered textures by letting the inks mix on the paper from the pressure. She plans to use this technique in a new series of work placing the young ladies in the changing seasons.

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