Thursday, November 12, 2009

Julie Alpert: Electrical Box Graffiti in 3 Parts

Electrical Box Graffiti in 3 Parts. 12 x 27 inches (triptych).  Watercolor on paper.

-Artist Trust GAP Grant Recipient, 2009
-Member, SOIL Gallery
-Stairway Installation at KAC, 2009

These 3 companion pieces contemporize the actions and subjects that caused controversy during the Impressionist era. Like the Impressionists, I took painting out of the studio and examined and responded to a mundane landscape at different times of day recording the changing effects of light. Unlike the pastoral or lush scenes of the Impressionists, these images record a different kind of subject: graffiti, electrical boxes, wheat pastes, and other signs of contemporary culture. My current body of work incorporates found objects and building materials that are signs of contemporary urban consumer waste. My aim is to reuse the leftover, discarded, mundane materials to make something beautiful.

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